Some people take pride in the idea of calling themselves an artist. When you put a brush to canvas or create in some other way, then the creative energy can define who you are as a person.

Others are prolific artists who don’t see themselves in that light. They compare the works that get produced to famous names like Da Vinci or Picasso, find themselves falling short, and refuse to award themselves with the label.

If you’re starting your journey of exploration within your creativity, then here are some ways to begin that process.

1. Get Started in Painting Immediately

The only elements that you need to worry about when you first start to pain are your brush, palette, and surface. What you create with these materials matters less than the comfort you develop when using them. Once it feels natural to use them, then you can start to have more fun creating something new.

2. Get to Know Perspective

Understanding how perspective works is an essential element of any artistic effort. If you want to achieve a realistic outcome, then you must understand how to find the horizon line. You’ll also need to know what the vanishing point is and an overview of linear perspective. Getting the small details right is what leads to larger successes down the road. 

3. Master the Art of Form

It helps to take a break from your drawing to stand several feet back from the piece. Then glance back and forth between your art and the reference image that you’re using. It will give you a fresh perspective on the form you hope to achieve. If it is accurate, then you can continue. If not, then you can fix it before reaching a point of no return.

4. Draw Upside Down

If you are unable to determine the identity of a specific image, then start making your artwork by drawing it upside down. This effort changes your perspective so that your mind is willing to take on something complex when it would normally rebel against such an action.

5. Get to Know Basic Shapes

Every element of life is made of specific basic shapes. The average adult human is about six lengths of their head and next tall. That means their body is about the size of two heads, while their legs are the length of three. As you put together circles, ovals, squares, and other shapes, then you’ll get a feel for this process so that it comes naturally.

6. Practice

You need to get all of your lousy artwork efforts out of the way before you can create something incredible. If you put something together that doesn’t make you feel successful, then start another project. Keep going, no matter what. The best artists of all time were once beginners, just like you are today. They chose to never give up.

Creating art doesn’t require you to be an expert. It just needs your passion. Now find your favorite medium so that you can get to work!