If the Great Outdoors is calling you to embrace adventure, then having a meal around the campfire can be a fun experience. It’s a chance to work with your family and friends to create something incredibly tasty!

These recipes will help to make everyone happy and feel full, even after a long day of exploring.

1. Some More S’mores

The traditional S’mores recipe involves graham crackers, chocolate, and a toasted marshmallow. Now let’s spice things up by adding two additional bites. We’ll replace the graham crackers with chocolate chip cookies on the first one while substituting a strawberry slice for the chocolate bar. On the second variation, we’re going to add a layer of peanut butter. Each one is super gooey and extra sweet!

2. Hot Dogs with Cast Iron Beans

Your body needs protein after a long day of hiking. That’s why bringing a cast-iron pan to sit on top of the fire is essential. Let the beans simmer in a little ketchup, barbecue sauce, or your favorite flavor while you grill hot dogs over the open flames. For a spicier version, consider adding some hot buffalo-style sauce into the mix. You’ll feel satisfied for hours!

3. Campfire Breakfast Sandwich

Your cast-iron pan is also useful for breakfast in the morning when you go camping. You’ll want some pre-cut sausage, a little cheese, and a dozen eggs available for this recipe. Cook the proteins in the pan at the same time so that you receive an excellent flavor meld. If you feel ambitious, then a homemade biscuit over the fire is the perfect way to get a handle on this superb meal!

4. Habanero Chicken Kebabs

Most campfire recipes involve something sweet or tangy. When you try this one on for size, then you’re going to get a mouthful of heat! Take a kebab stick, place cubes of chicken on it, and then add a bit of pineapple between each chunk of meat. You’ll want to place a thin slice of habanero between the fruit and the chicken to create the spice that makes this meal stand out. If there’s too much pain on your tongue, a barbecue sauce can help to temper the flavors so that you’re left in culinary bliss. Don’t forget to add a splash of lime!

5. Lamb Burgers with Fennel Potatoes

Break out the cast-iron pan for this one again. Shape some ground lamb into patties that fit onto whatever buns or biscuits you have. You can choose to eat the burgers without the gluten if you prefer. Then roast the potatoes with the meat to give them a nice, caramelized texture. You’ll want to add the fennel about halfway through the cooking process to avoid having the licorice flavors be too overwhelming. Then top the lamb with some fresh dill, diced tomatoes, and feta cheese for a fantastic outcome!

Cooking around the campfire can be a lovely family tradition when you go camping. Use these recipes on your next adventure to take your meals to the next level!