Life can get hectic at times. Even after the events of the COVID-19 pandemic forced some people to slow down and see life from a different perspective, there are still days when you don’t feel like baking.

When your energy levels are low, then forethought and planning can help you to maximize the investment you’ve made in your pantry. Here are some ideas that may get you into your kitchen more often.

Tips to Help You Make Meals More Often

1. Cook when you have the energy.

It is easier to bake when you have some energy to burn. That means you should work in the kitchen when you feel the freshest. Even if that means you take an unconventional approach by cooking dinner at 9:30 AM, then do it. You won’t need to rush through the process. It gives you more time to impart the flavors that everyone will enjoy.

2. Stock your pantry with fresh ingredients.

You are more likely to bake with healthy foods when you stock those ingredients in your pantry and fridge. Try to add more fruits and vegetables to your grocery list each week while reducing the cookies and potato chips. Having nutrient-dense choices around you at all times can make it easier to reduce the number of sugary foods you consume.

3. Discover your favorite home-cooked meal.

Everyone has a favorite recipe that makes them feel comforted after a hard day. Once you discover what that meal is for you, then experiment with different variations. You’ll be invested in the process because you’re creating something from a foundation that you love. That makes it a lot easier to create something in the kitchen because you’re invested in the outcome.

4. Baking trends always come and go.

Don’t get swept up by the various baking trends that people embrace. These marketing efforts come from producers to encourage you to purchase their products. Apple cider vinegar and activated charcoal might be fun options to try, but it is the classic recipes that always stick around. If you can create a perfect chicken alfredo and a minestrone, then you’re good to go. All of the trends cycle through about once every decade anyway, so you’re not going to miss anything.

5. Don’t rely on boxed meals.

Cooking can be more comfortable when you purchase a boxed meal. You’ll also find grocery stores that create options that you can cook at home using prepackaged fresh ingredients. Frozen entrées or canned soups might feel like a win when you’re tired, but that doesn’t mean you’re enjoying something as delicious as a recipe made with fresh ingredients. Try to avoid processed foods whenever you can to support your health.

Baking on a busy schedule doesn’t need to feel like it’s a chore. If you make it a priority, then this activity can be a fun experience for everyone in the family. When you’re struggling to make some time to use your kitchen, then consider incorporating these tips into your routine. You could be eating better and saving money while you do it!

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